Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Prevention is better than Cure - Thoughts on Healthcare Strategies Today.

Prevention is often spoken about by the healthcare industry. However, what we see in reality is the drive to try to cure conditions more than we see the push for prevention. Follow the money and you'll see why.

We create medications from old traditions, from herbs. We synthesize them in our labs and mass produce the drugs that soon become our "savior" and big pharma grows rich.

But why do we allow ourselves to get sick in the first place, especially if we an help it?

Prevention is better than cure. Antioxidants have become very popular because of this school of thought. They are known to help the body fight off diseases. Superfoods are selling by the millions. They are priced so high that most cannot afford them. 

But let's think about what's going on here. Someone suspects the "active ingredient" of a particular food eaten by locals in some remote village is doing some wonders. They try somehow to isolate the magic. If these locals were to be candid, they'd tell you that there is nothing special about their diet. They simple eat their vegetables, not just as a side dish.

Simply eat your vegetables/herbs in there whole form. Mix and match as best as you can. Make vegetable focused meals.

Lately, seemingly everyday regular foods are getting discovered as superfoods. Won't you be excited to know that the no name vegetables you've been eating all these years actually are superfoods. Don't discriminant, eat your vegetables, as many as your local market provides.

For every day that you eat your vegetables in their entirety, you may actually be curing a disease that you did not know is in its initial stages.

Prevention is better than cure. Be kind to your body, give it a fighting chance by preventing disease. Do not wait until it is overtaken by sickness before you start paying attention. 

Our forefathers survived on simple foods, mostly whole vegetables and they created us. Alternatively, our children are perishing under the over processed and under nourishing diet that we have created for them. The buck stops here.

Prevention is better than Cure. Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, obesity, chronic fatigue and more can be managed by switching to a whole vegetable focused diet.

Eat your vegetables because your life and the survival of humanity at large literally depends on it.

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